The intersection of food and life.

Events and farm-to-table cooking classes with seasonal ingredients.

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About Viand

Are you someone who eats to live, or someone who lives to eat?

Either way, you'll find that the etymology of viand reflects the close link between food and life. - From Merriam Webster - vi·​and | \ ˈvī-ənd

I'm Lynne Savino, and I've been building my career in food, wine, spirits and travel for over 30 years. I'm building Viand to be a healthy and fulfilling place for entertainment and education. I'm pairing my vast professional experience with my lifelong passion for hosting events and group-travel - creating experiences - to offer like-minded people classes on cooking, wine pairing and entertaining.

Won't you join me on this journey?

Over 8,500 square feet of combined indoor and outdoor space.

As featured in several publications, "The Bank" is a modern and completely unique take on events.

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Farm-To-Table Cooking Classes

Quality, in-season food preparation and presentation with wine pairings.

Learn what Farm-To-Table really means with friends, both new and old, in a modern, tasteful environment. Eat, drink, learn and most of all, have fun!

Classes are Wednesdays at 5:30pm.
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Lynne Savino

An avid cook and entertainer, Lynne was inspired by her parents who were both excellent cooks, and has been in the specialty food and wine industry for decades. Lynne prefers eating at home than going out on most occasions as she finds home cooked food to often taste better than restaurant food.

Lynne says that she has been cooking farm to table meals before it was a thing. She has always had a small herb and vegetable garden and shopped at local farmers’ markets. Fresh and high quality ingredients are essential to her cuisine. Lynne offers Mediterranean inspired cuisine that is flavorful and simple – she tends to use 12 or fewer ingredients in her meals as she is keen to showcase the fresh taste of each ingredient. Lynne and her husband live in a great space in Detroit that they enjoy sharing with friends. The best part of hosting for her is meeting new people from all over the world.

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